DMX allows us to see injuries that could never be seen before!
It’s quite simple. All accidents happen in motion. If your pain is worse when you move, you need to be examined when you are moving.

With typical testing like MRIs, CTs and Standard X-Rays, you don’t, or can’t, move for the exam. In fact, any movement can make these tests non diagnostic and blurry. Since the upper 30% of the cervical spine and the back of the neck contain no discs, MRI does not even evaluate these areas!

Headaches and pain in the back of your neck and shoulders are signs of ligament damage, not disc, and can only be evaluated with Digital Motion X-Ray.

If you have been in a car crash or any other type of accident and are suffering from:

  • Headaches

  • Pain in the back of your neck or shoulders

  • Popping, grinding or cracking when you move your head

  • Standard X-Rays, MRI, CT and other testing is negative

  • You hurt and no one can figure out why…

Digital Motion X-Ray may be the only way to see your injuries
Whether you are proving an injury for a legal case, justifying your need for care to the insurance company or just want to know why you hurt, Digital Motion X-ray can detect injuries in as little as 15 minutes. All Digital Motion X-Ray studies are recorded to DVD and are legally documented in the event your case goes to trial.

How Do I Get A Digital Motion X-Ray?
If you have been in an accident, please contact us immediately to see if Digital Motion X-Ray is right for you. Consultations are always free.

We Work With ALL Doctors and Attorneys
If you are currently under medical care or legal counsel, we work with ALL doctors and attorneys throughout the entire Metro area, state of Minnesota and Upper Midwest. We accept No-Fault, Personal Injury Insurance and Workers Compensation. Cash plans are available on an individual basis.

Digital Motion X-Ray
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